Gloria Kinzel’s Dessert: blueberry crumble and childhood memories

Michael Goshey

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Link to recipe

OK, first the recipe: dead simple to prepare and yummy enough that I’ve been indulging in it for two days straight since I made it. Nice one mom!
Second (and part of my motivation in making this recipe): the namesake Mrs. Kinzel was a Roseville neighbor with kids our age with whom we played kick the can and other neighborhood games. I got the cool yellow banana seat bike in the photo (remember how great those were!) for my first communion gift and some time soon thereafter (in other words, about 51 years ago!) I was gliding down the hill on Transit on my cool new bike and decided to switch hands so my left was on the right handle and vice versa. I lost control and crashed in front of Kinzel’s house, crying, scraped knees, typical summertime childhood drama. Mrs Kinzel came rushing out, cleaned off my knees, dusted me off a bit and sent me on my way just like any mom in the neighborhood would have done, me happy as a lark and a bit wiser concerning cross-handlbar trickery. As it turns out, flipping through the recipe book has also been a scenic walk down memory lane!