Another neighbor, another yummy dessert!

Michael and Wendy Goshey

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Link to recipe

We (well, Wendy) made the Coconut Crunch recipe last night and despite being full from dinner, I couldn’t help myself and managed to eat a large portion of Arlene’s dessert. We didn’t have cool whip but it’s still great without it. We both commented that pudding makes a more flavorful alternative to cake frosting.

The recipe came from Arlene Price, an across-the-street neighbor who’s daughter (Jennifer) is pictured next to me in our first-day-to-kindergarten splendor in the Price’s front yard. The keen eye may also recognize my old buddy Bryce on the far left, with Carol Finkleson next to him and Lisa Marks (I think?) next to her. Just a short little half-century ago. Pictures like that one always call to my mind a lyric from a favorite old tune: “All the years combine…they melt into a dream.” (Robert Hunter)